Author Topic: Exclusive — True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht: ‘Mules’ Went on Routes Trafficking Ballots ‘Repea  (Read 1715 times)

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Exclusive — True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht: ‘Mules’ Went on Routes Trafficking Ballots ‘Repeatedly, Day After Day’ Ahead of the 2020 Election

Hannah Bleau
30 Apr 202

Dirty voter rolls, the mass use of mail-in ballots, and privately-funded drop boxes “combined together to create an easy pass lane for fraud,” as “mules” — or ballot traffickers — trafficked thousands of ballots, likely altering the outcome of the 2020 election, True the Vote president and founder Catherine Engelbrecht told Breitbart News Saturday.

Engelbrecht, who leads the election integrity organization True the Vote, previewed the upcoming film by Dinesh D’Souza, 2,000 Mules, which blows the lid off of the “organized crime” that took place leading up to the 2020 election. The film used data obtained by True the Vote, as Engelbrecht noted that they had so many calls “that had a similar characteristic of concern around what was happening with mail ballots and drop boxes.” Because of that, they focused on that issue.

“We geo fenced or put a sort of a digital fence, if you will, around all the drop boxes, and then we bought a tremendous amount of cellphone data and cellphone data that is transferred off of the apps of your phone that give you great indication about the whereabouts, the time, [and] the location,” she began, noting that they watched the travel patterns of devices going to drop boxes, doing so in five states in five jurisdictions. At the same time, the organization fought for surveillance video around the drop boxes and were ultimately able to thread it all together, as seen in the film.

She clarified one very important part of their study as well. It was not just the number of times a person went to a drop box, but also the number of times they went to nonprofit organizations.

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Don't misunderstand - I realize the ballot harvesting campaign in and of itself was illegal. Paid activists were taking people's votes and putting them in drop boxes, which is not allowed in GA and a great many other states.

But, what I really want answered is if those were actual mail-in ballots of real people actually on the voter list, or manufactured, fake ballots illegally printed and filled out.

People we're putting these in a drop box in the middle of the night, and that begs a great deal of questions about the chain of custody or even if they were actually legal, legit ballots. You don't go around the neighborhood picking up ballots from people in the middle of the night, so from who, where, and when were these actually coming from?

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