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The Jackson Nomination
« on: March 03, 2022, 02:12:06 am »
The Post & Email by Joseph DeMaio 3/2/2022

Essentially all you need to know about the Goofball-in-Chief’s nomination of a replacement for retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer – one Ketanji Brown Jackson – is that her selection is enthusiastically supported by a leftist “dark-money” organization, Arabella Advisors, and its affiliated outfit, the Sixteen Thirty Fund.

Jackson may possess the minimum legal credentials to qualify her for a seat on the nation’s highest court, although there are no requirements set out in the Constitution regarding even being a citizen, a lawyer or having attended a law school.  Indeed, Justice James F. Byrnes (1941-1942), was not even a high school graduate.  President Roosevelt nominated him and the Senate approved him for the position on the same day…, a shining example of a thorough vetting by the Senate.

But I digress.

Among the major donors to Araballa Advisors is one George Soros, uber-financier of defund-the-police movements, the election of non-prosecution prosecutors and the promotion of leftist movements dedicated to the demise and destruction of the foundational principles upon which the Republic rests.  Need anything more be said?