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Biden's Twisted view of Fossil Fuel's impact on the overall Climate Change Debate



My Take on this Self Inflicted Energy and Economic Crisis

My background and 30 years in the environmental area has taught me much about how badly enviro-whackos have twisted and convoluted so much around this climate change bullshit. I have watched very highly respected meteorologist and climatologist demonized and isolated when they did not drink the Gore Koolaid, and they were forced into heretic status when questioning the Goreacle.

I also have a very specific understanding of emission factors, and in fact I believe I was the first engineer in the United States (1987)  to utlilize computer programming and spreadsheets to calculate the complexities of emissions from large manufacturing facilities.  I basically turned an 12 month paper exercise to report releases under EPA SARA 313 TRI into a month at most. All on an XT  for those who can remember that far back.

But one point that has been seriously been missing from the debate is region specific manufacturing factors.  I have been meaning to contact the likes of Cruz and Borasso to cover what I am about share, which has been seriously under noticed and under reported.  I feel this may be a sound argument to add to counter Biden's absolute asinine decision to squelch U.S production in favor of Russia and others.  All in the supposed GND argument.

In Biden's effort to kill our oil manufacturing.  The fact is that volume is static to whatever the market forces of supply/demand say.  Oil consumption and production is what it is, no matter where it is produced.  The point is, through innovation and regulation, how the United States produces has mostly been governed by what in regulatory circles we calls BACT and MACT.  Those are EPA acronyms for Best Available Control Technology and Maximum Achievable  Control Technology.
Where a site stand in its operation for pollutant control will often depend on location, or is the area it operates meet air quality guidelines.  It also is impacted on exactly what part of the manufacturing process is, and even as far as when it was built.

I am not trying to bore you with the technical aspects of this argument, just trying to let it set in that for every barrel of oil processed in the United States, UK, Germany, and few others, there will be a much reduced amount of pollutants generated than what you will find with the likes of Russia, China, Venezuela, OPEC producers etc.  That again due to our understanding, knowledge, and innovation of how to keep the stuff in the pipes, the barges, tanks, equipment, etc.   If Biden, Kerry, and the rest of the democrats truly cared for the environment, they would allow what is produced to be produced in the most environmentally friendly way possible.  This is absolute hypocricy at it's worst.

Envirowhackos almost make my head explode. We really need to fight back with 10X the veracity. Thank you for allowing my venting.

Only words that come to mind when I think of Biden are MORON, IMBECILE, ENEMY, TRAITOR, CCP COMPROMISED PUPPET.

And this is blatantly true, and the American people do nothing.  There is a war raging in Europe because this fool became POTUS.  No maybe about it.  The installation of Biden as POTUS is the single worst event to take place subsequent to WWII.  Nothing good will come of having this Idiocracy star as POTUS.  People are dying by the tens of thousands because of this fool.  And he takes Obama's moronic lead from behind to another level, leaderless in a vacuum.


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