Author Topic: Abortion staffer pretends to be injured woman’s mother during 911 call  (Read 693 times)

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Abortion staffer pretends to be injured woman’s mother during 911 call

Cassy Fiano-Chesser | January 5, 2022 , 06:41pm

A botched abortion that is now part of a medical malpractice lawsuit is under further scrutiny following the release of the 911 call from facility staff.

Markeisha Hemsley is suing Capital Women’s Services in Washington, D.C., Moore ObGyn in Maryland, and nurse Khalilah Jefferson for $30 million, claiming that a late-term abortion left her potentially infertile. Hemsley suffered a lacerated cervix, a three-inch tear in her uterus, and massive internal hemorrhaging, as well as an incomplete procedure. Jefferson, who committed the abortion, did not remove the baby’s head. Instead, it was pushed through the hole in Hemsley’s uterus, and ended up lodged further into her abdominal cavity.

Initially, after botching the abortion, Jefferson reportedly loaded Hemsley into the backseat of her BMW to drive her across state lines into Maryland. Along the way, Hemsley was allegedly crying, begging to go to the hospital, and screaming in pain. Jefferson reportedly responded by turning up the radio volume and yelling at her to shut up.

Hemsley’s mother had followed them to the Maryland facility, and could allegedly hear her daughter screaming from outside the procedure room. Jefferson had tried to finish the abortion procedure on Hemsley without anesthesia, and when Hemsley’s mother entered, she saw Jefferson standing in front of her screaming daughter, holding bloody forceps. When Hemsley’s mother said she was going to call 911, Jefferson told her not to give the dispatcher the address, before taking the phone away from the distraught mother.

Jefferson then called 911 herself — and pretended to be Hemsley’s mother:

Right to choose, my ass.
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