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Another attack on Christmas by MSNBC


 MSNBC columnist calls for end of NORAD Santa tracker 'out of concern for Santa's safety' from US military
The columnist wondered if a military that 'wrongly' kills would ever come clean if it assassinated Santa
By Andrew Mark Miller | Fox News

An MSNBC columnist is calling for the end of the  NORAD Santa tracker, claiming that it is time to "decouple" Santa Claus from American military culture.

In an op-ed published on MSNBC.com, opinion columnist Hayes Brown took issue with the North American Aerospace Defense Command’s 60-year tradition of tracking Santa Claus’s imaginary journey across the globe delivering presents and explained why "if had my way, this year would be the last."

"No, I’d prefer we end the tradition because it’s about time that we decoupled St. Nick from the world’s most powerful military," Hayes Brown wrote. "American culture is saturated with a desire to associate the military with the saccharine. We get videos of soldiers returning home to their pets or children but never questions about why they were deployed for so long or what threat they were fighting; military jets flying over NFL games give us an injection of jingoist testosterone before more regionally focused battles of testosterone are played on the field; and we get the Netflix movie "Operation Christmas Drop," a seasonally themed rom-com that cheerfully seeks to boost approval for America’s military base in Guam."



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