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Christmas in America to be Banned?


 Christmas in America to be Banned?

I don't think I'm stepping too far out on a limb to suggest that within 5-10 years, if that long, either a Muslim or atheist will sue to have Christmas banished because they are supposedly offended by the holiday and the Supreme Court will uphold it but will allow the observance of non-Christian religious holidays to continue.  This year the effects of the cancel culture made Christmas little more than a day off most people.  It has been the first shot over the bow of getting rid of Christmas.

I have a son in NY and a daughter in Mejifornia.  I talked with them about it along with a friend from Texas as well as one from Ohio and the results were essentially the same.  There has been very little Christmas radio or TV programming compared to years past.  Stores had little in the way of decorations compared to bygone Christmas displays.  The individual dress of people leading to Christmas Day was neither overly festive nor acknowledged the season, with colors red, green, white or people with Santa Hats of various designs.  Storefront display were nearly non-existent.  Pre Christmas sales weren't advertised.  I couldn't find Christmas CDs.

This all suggests to me, there is a quiet, but not small movement afoot, to rid the US of the Christian religion.  We already see the movement in the military.  Obama did away with the defense of marriage act.  Congress just passed an act to make it a crime to criticize Islam.  Traditional religious universities, such as Notre Dame, are abandoning Christian teachings in favor of being members of the woke culture and virtue signalling for groups like BLM and the hate in CRT.  To really escalate the end of America, holidays like Christmas and Easter but must be discredited and gotten rid of.

I could go on for some time, but people at this web site get the picture.  Once Christianity is made illegal, the rule of law collapses as law is based on Christian principles, the Constitution become meaningless for the same reason, our European allies become our European enemies since there is no central value.  There has never been a war between two democracies and our demise means the demise of Europe and liberty everywhere.  The world then descends into a new dark age.  By that time I'm pushing up daisies which I prefer to not being free.


I just found this article which clearly demonstrates Christianity is giving way to wokism, using the the church as a bully pulpit for social issues, not teaching of Christianity.

Our society is dying.  This is true enough.  And our republic is being betrayed daily by people we elect to defend it, and in reality, they betray it daily.  Nothing screams that more overtly than the Biden Crime Family, which owes its allegiance to CCP China, and to Russia, and yet, knowing this blatant fact, the American people cheat to get this dead from the neck up traitor installed as POTUS.

Russia and China are not nearly the threat that the traitors in the USA have proven to be.

The ONLY SOLUTION is to identify all globalists as traitors, and to administer the appropriate justice.  And I am NOT talking about 2 years in a country club prison with tennis, and computers in the cell for the traitors to write their memoirs.  I have said for a very long time now, we march each day to becoming more like Russia.  Yes, Russia.  I have been there a number of times, and I see the startling parallels.


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