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INSANE: World Economic Forum’s Predictions for 2030 Include No Property Ownership, Diminished USA, a

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Gateway Pundit 11/30/2021

INSANE: World Economic Forum’s Predictions for 2030 Include No Property Ownership, Diminished USA, and Syrian CEO’s

The World Economic Forum (WEF) released its 8 predictions for the world in the year 2030.
They are insane.

The WEF made 8 predictions for the year 2030.  Here they are with some comments.

1. All products will have become services. “I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I don’t own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes,” writes Danish MP Ida Auken. Shopping is a distant memory in the city of 2030, whose inhabitants have cracked clean energy and borrow what they need on demand. It sounds utopian, until she mentions that her every move is tracked and outside the city live swathes of discontents, the ultimate depiction of a society split in two.

This sounds like Marxism 101.

2. There is a global price on carbon.China took the lead in 2017 with a market for trading the right to emit a tonne of CO2, setting the world on a path towards a single carbon price and a powerful incentive to ditch fossil fuels, predicts Jane Burston, Head of Climate and Environment at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory. Europe, meanwhile, found itself at the centre of the trade in cheap, efficient solar panels, as prices for renewables fell sharply.

Using China, the most polluted country on earth as an example for a carbon tax is ludicrous.

3. US dominance is over. We have a handful of global powers.Nation states will have staged a comeback, writes Robert Muggah, Research Director at the Igarapé Institute. Instead of a single force, a handful of countries – the U.S., Russia, China, Germany, India and Japan chief among them – show semi-imperial tendencies. However, at the same time, the role of the state is threatened by trends including the rise of cities and the spread of online identities,

The Marxists cheer as the only country stopping them from their world take over is destroyed from within.

4. Farewell hospital, hello home-spital. -----

Humans become machines and life is no longer relished for the sacred being it is.

5. We are eating much less meat.-----

How can you have any pudding when you don’t eat your peas?

6. Today’s Syrian refugees, 2030’s CEOs. -----

Syrian refugees will take over after BLM becomes SRM.

7. The values that built the West will have been tested to breaking point. ----

When the values that built the West are gone, so is civilization.

8. “By the 2030s, we’ll be ready to move humans toward the Red Planet.” ----

People will be begging to get off of this planet if the WEF’s predictions are right.

More: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/11/insane-world-economic-forums-predictions-2030-include-no-property-ownership-us-weak-no-one-owns-anything/

Ghost Bear:
They call it "The Great Reset". But if you or I call it "The Great Reset", we'll be called "conspiracy theorists".

It's not insane; it's the plan.

Free Vulcan:
Here's the thing - China isn't going to play ball. They may not be in the best financial situation, but they're still big enough to shout a big no.

Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try. Blahblahblah.


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