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I don't know how many times I voted today


unite for individuality:
Ah, the joys of using Dominion voting machines!
I put the card in the slot, I made my selections,
and then I tapped the "print ballot" button.

It printed the first page. 
Then it printed the first page again.  Then again.
I tapped the "next page" button.
It printed the second page.  Then again.  Then again.
It printed the second page a total of six times.
Then it gave me an error message.

I told the poll workers that it gave me an error message.
They came over and looked at it.
One got on the phone and called the county headquarters.
They said that my vote didn't register.
So they told me to use another machine.
That one worked normally.

So I'm really not sure how many times my vote got counted.
And I'm also not sure how many times
it will be counted if there's a recount using the paper strip.

Cyber Liberty:
Don't worry.  If you voted "the wrong way," they'll just shitcan your vote(s).


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