Author Topic: Abortion, gun control, death penalty: How this US Supreme Court could change America  (Read 196 times)

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I don't hold a whole lot of hope with Roberts on the bench that there will be any positive change. The past threat of the DEMS to pack the court could still happen. I'm not exactly overly thrilled with Trump's picks.

IMO the absolute most important issue is the 2A.

Abortion, gun control, death penalty: How this US Supreme Court could change America

Ever since Donald Trump appointed three conservative justices to the Supreme court during his four-year presidential term, it seemed to many like it was just a matter of time before the highest judicial body in the US started flexing its muscles by tackling some of the hot-button political and legal issues in the country today.

With the start of a new court term on Monday, that time may have arrived.

The upcoming docket has a handful of cases - on topics such as abortion, gun control, national security and religion - that could not only set lasting precedent for US courts, but fundamentally change the fabric of US society.

More than few a political activists across the spectrum have taken notice, prompting some - particularly on the left - to issue dire warnings about the vast power of the judicial branch and suggest ways that power could be restrained, either through changing the composition of the Supreme Court or curtailing its authority.

All this criticism has led conservatives on the court to bristle at the accusations that they have a political agenda.......................
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