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Immigration-Related Political Notes from Washington and Albany
By David North on August 10, 2021

In the good old days, immigration policy was made through hearings and floor votes; now it is often made by “riders” on other legislation. With that in mind:

    I am told, on excellent authority, that the $1 trillion infrastructure bill, the forerunner of a larger one, still has no EB-5 elements in at as of August 10, even though the Senate has been dealing with amendments to it for several days. An earlier version of the bill, the result of extended bipartisan bargaining, was similarly EB-5-free. The senators, because of the filibuster, however, have allowed illegal aliens to work on these infrastructure projects by failing to mandate use of E-Verify by recipients of infrastructure funds.

    There is good cause to worry that the soon-coming reconciliation bill will carry a provision granting additional legal status to the so-called “Dreamers”, aliens now up to their middle 30s, who arrived illegally before age 16.

The main part of the EB-5 program for immigrant investors has been dead for 40 days and 40 nights, since the Senate failed to renew the authorization for the use of pooled alien investments through the regional centers, as we reported earlier.