Author Topic: A U.S. Navy Submarine 'Died' with All 228 Crew Gone (No One Knows Why)  (Read 1284 times)

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 July 24, 2021

A U.S. Navy Submarine 'Died' with All 228 Crew Gone (No One Knows Why)

While disconcerting, the U.S. Navy has not lost a submarine since.
by Kyle Mizokami

Here's What You Need to Remember: Scorpion was only eight years old at the time of its loss, relatively new by modern standards. Still, complaints from the crew that the sub was already showing its age were rampant.

In May 1968, a U.S. nuclear-powered attack submarine was sent on a secret mission to spy on the Soviet navy. Seven days later, with the families of the crew waiting dockside for the USS Scorpion to return from a three-month patrol, the U.S. Navy realized that the submarine was missing. Scorpion had been the victim of a mysterious accident, the nature of which is debated to this day.

The USS Scorpion was a Skipjack-class nuclear attack submarine. It was one of the first American submarines with a teardrop-shaped hull, as opposed to the blockier hull of World War II submarines and their descendants. It was laid down in August 1958 and commissioned into service in July 1960.

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I recall when it went missing...not that long after the Thresher.
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EVERYBODY knows why,but none in uniform dare mention it.

Political and Naval incompetence. Some Admiral was wanting to suck up to his political masters,and willing to risk the sub and the lives of the crew on it in hope of currying favor and getting a bigger budget next year.

Not to mention a lack of balls. Nobody had the stones to say "Nope,can't do it right at this moment."
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