Author Topic: Joe Biden’s Misery Index Rises By Conrad Black  (Read 33 times)

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Joe Biden’s Misery Index Rises By Conrad Black
« on: July 20, 2021, 08:55:06 AM »
Joe Biden’s Misery Index Rises
Highlights in this week of continuing political disappointment.
By Conrad Black
July 19, 2021

This column is becoming a weekly checklist on the descent of American public policy and attitudes further into the depths of frivolity, chaos, and national self-dislike. I was honored to make a small contribution last week to the edition of this website celebrating its fifth anniversary. In the editors’ statement on that anniversary, they renewed their hostility to the ineptitude and moral decrepitude of the bipartisan ruling class, their “opposition to the unaccountable administrative state,” their dislike of an American oligarchy, particularly the “Big Tech monopoly to suppress disagreement,” and their contempt for “pernicious utopian ideologies.” It is a privilege to be associated with such opinions.

In this past week, we’ve seen the absurd spectacle of a group of Texas state legislators commandeering a private plane as they fled from Texas to escape the ability of the governor of Texas to require them to return to Austin and discharge the duty they were elected to carry out, in this case, vote on a voting reform bill.

The selfies they took on the planes as they swilled beer—maskless despite masking regulations the Democrats are particularly fervent about upholding, given that they are the party of COVID terror—and the subsequent positive COVID tests of several of the fleeing legislators are almost too ludicrous to believe. Vice President Kamala Harris’ comparison of their ridiculous flight to Washington with the gathering of the founding fathers of America to declare its independence in 1776 confirmed that the race between the escalating foolishness of elected Democrats and the apparent sincerity with which the Democratic harlot-media endorses anything the Democrats do or say continues at neck-and-neck pace.

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