Author Topic: The last three months have seen a lot of leftist wish fulfillment  (Read 49 times)

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July 20, 2021
The last three months have seen a lot of leftist wish fulfillment
By Terry Paulding

How far can someone be goaded and bullied before he fights back? Most bullies are sociopaths and narcissists, adept at shifting the blame to their victims. They manipulate situations so that the victim is the one who gets punished for the fight they were goaded into. Does this sound like what is happening right now, out in the open, on a national level, for all to see? Are we powerless to stop it? If we’re not powerless, what can we do?

The left cried “insurrection!” on January 6th, and ever since, has used that cry to intimidate us. The whole Capital event, I’m convinced, was orchestrated. It was a tableau they created deliberately. The orchestrators counted on our good people exercising just enough poor judgment to following willingly the lead of others in the huge crowd, despite not knowing them. Leftists knew that if those others appeared to be like Trump supporters -- dressed like them, appeared to be trustworthy -- there would, of course, be people who would follow blindly.

Pelosi refused the 10,000 National Guard troops Trump offered to keep order because of predicated rally size. I’m betting the pipe bombs were planted by leftist operatives — why else has nobody been identified as having planted them? Antifa disguised as patriots rallied the crowd to break windows and flow into open Capital doors. We know, now, that there were FBI plants among the crowd, too. The violence was calculated to fit a purposeful narrative. I suspect that Ashli Babbitt’s murder was unintentional -- but somebody had to get shot, I’m guessing, so that the crowd would go nuts and disintegrate into mob violence. It didn’t work, a credit to the mostly orderly Patriots. The same crowd of patriots who, when they marched in the past, even cleaned up after themselves.

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Re: The last three months have seen a lot of leftist wish fulfillment
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2021, 08:44:24 AM »
Most of it is by Executive Order which means it is temporary.

Thank God.
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