Author Topic: Jeff Crouere: Hunter Biden is Laughing All the Way to the Bank  (Read 135 times)

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Hunter Biden is Laughing All the Way to the Bank
Jeff Crouere

Posted: Jul 18, 2021 12:01 AM

In America, there is one standard of justice for supporters of President Donald Trump. These are people like political strategist Roger Stone who receive pre-dawn raids from scores of federal agents. Then there is another standard of justice for people like Hunter Biden, son of the 46th president.

Hunter Biden seems to be able to do whatever he wants and is immune from prosecution or criminal consequences. For example, he can lie on a background check to purchase a firearm, which is a felony, and no charges are filed against him. 

Hunter Biden can get kicked out of the U.S. Navy for cocaine and return a rental car with a crack pipe and other drug paraphernalia. He can impregnate a stripper and try to deny paternity of the baby. He can have an affair with his deceased brother’s widow and have sexual relations with a series of other women captured on video on his “laptop from hell.”

Despite the images showing Hunter engaging in drug usage and sexual relations with woman who may be prostitutes or underage, nothing has happened to him. In fact, in an interview, Hunter claimed it might not even be his laptop and it might be part of a nefarious Russian disinformation campaign.

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Re: Jeff Crouere: Hunter Biden is Laughing All the Way to the Bank
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2021, 01:47:43 PM »

Who can blame him? He is a fool with a double-digit IQ that is literally stealing and committing treason in public,and he is bulletproof when it comes to arrest.

Hell,he probably even doesn't  pay taxes on the money he launders for his old man. Assuming of course he even understands he is the laundry man,and not the genius and epic painter he seems to be.
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