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Barr’s Mistaken Choice
« on: July 16, 2021, 08:25:01 AM »
American Thinker by Edward R. Zuckerbrod 7/16/2021

Due no doubt to a remarkable financial acumen that allowed him to stretch a career government official’s salary to astounding lengths, a luxurious retirement on the Delaware shore worthy of any top-tier Goldman Sachs executive beckoned to former vice-president Joe Biden in 2019. But, attractive as it must have seemed, he declined to heed the call. As he saw it, an appointment with destiny awaited him, and it needed to be kept. Polls showed Biden as the only Democrat with a realistic chance of beating Donald Trump, so despite having lost two prior attempts at the nomination, and cognitive decline so apparent his deficiencies were painfully on display even during the most closely controlled of public appearances, he and those advising him viewed 2020 as his moment.

But there was a time-bomb quietly ticking away in Biden’s GHQ, and how much damage it would do upon detonation largely depended upon the success of this third presidential quest. His media sycophants employed their best suppressive talents to delay the explosion until after his election, but now that Joe has reached the pinnacle of his political career, it appears they can no longer prevent it from finally blowing.

Had Biden stayed safely tucked away in Delaware, at worst this scandal would have made for a fairly interesting article in Vanity Fair. But now it’s a problem that threatens the highest reaches of the U.S. government.

As the murky depths of Hunter Biden’s bizarrely “discarded” laptop are finally plumbed and his father’s clear complicity in corrupt dealings becomes more apparent, it will finally dawn on most halfway intelligent people just how badly they were misled and how a little bit of truth parceled out at a few key moments could easily have spared us the unpleasantness that awaits.

In the closing weeks of 2019, when the Communist Chinese were still assessing the most expedient means of generously sharing their deadly viral outbreak with the rest of an unsuspecting world, the Democrats were fully immersed in their efforts to plot a coup of similar, if not so lethal, brazenness: impeaching Donald Trump for the very same Ukraine-related offences of which Joe Biden openly and proudly bragged.


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Re: Barr’s Mistaken Choice
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2021, 08:49:35 AM »
"- I don’t see him(Barr) as a Deep State plant intent only on thwarting Trump."

" and laid the groundwork for a much more earthshaking(Biden) scandal to come --"

I don't agree with Zuckerbrod but hope he might be right.