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The Maricopa County Audit - fundtheaudit.com - Oh, Canada!

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Cyber Liberty:

--- Quote from: DefiantMassRINO on July 09, 2021, 05:15:23 pm ---The use of a Canadian (mailing) address to register the domain, fundtheaudit.com, may be an attempt to further obscure who is really behind it.

fundtheaudit.com > americaproject.com > Michael Flynn
--- End quote ---

Even SCOTUS understands the need for privacy of donors to private causes.  California approved the practice of doxxing contributors to causes they don't like, and SCOTUS slapped them down for it.

No matter how much you leftists attack the audits in progress (PA has started their own), if there was cheating it will come out.  But do keep trying, it amuses us.


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