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VIDEO: Media Freakout Over SCOTUS Ruling on Arizona Election Laws



--- Quote ---The second best thing about the U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding the Arizona election integrity laws (which the media calls voter restriction laws) is the reaction it caused in the media. So in addition to standing up for the integrity of the state voting  system, the SCOTUS also inadvertently provided us with very entertaining hilarious media freakouts.

The SCOTUS cherry on top is revealed at the end of the video.
--- End quote ---

Smokin Joe:
But it is restrictive! Face it!

No dead voters, thanks for trying, but RIP, willya?

No illegals (They aren't even supposed to BE here, much less vote!)

Vote in your own county and go spend the money the Democrats gave you on beer or crack or your drug of choice and take the rest of the day off, for Pete's sake. Don't be trying to cash in by voting multiple times.

Oh yeah, and hold up an ID to be allowed to vote. If you can't find a picture ID, maybe the cops have one on file or there is an older one stuck to the wall in the Post Office...

I know, that's raysis...


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