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Exposing The Left’s ‘Green Jobs’ Fallacy



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Written by Dan Hannan on Jun 21, 2021. Posted in Latest news
Exposing The Left’s ‘Green Jobs’ Fallacy

Everyone is at it — Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, the G-7, the United Nations. All are in the business of “creating” green jobs.

Johnson wants 250,000 of them, to be “created” by clean energy technologies.

Biden promises no fewer than 10 million. Everything, I guess, is bigger in America.

Bigger still, though, is the logical flaw in their arguments. Indeed, it is so vast and so obvious that it is a wonder anyone takes them seriously. Do I really need to spell this out? Governments cannot “create” jobs — at least, not without destroying other jobs.

The state could, if it wanted, pay people to dig holes and fill them in again. But, to cover their wages, it would need to take the money from other people.


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