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Vice President Kamala Harris returned from a fact-finding tour in the Triangle Countries and demanded that U.S. corporations create more jobs for Central Americans. The administration sent the wrong emissary. Hunter Biden is already providing quite a few jobs in Central and South America.

The White House blamed guns for the skyrocketing crime in big cities run by Democrats. The murder rate in L.A. has quadrupled this year. I would never in my life think of murdering anyone unless Dr. Fauci instructs me to wear sunscreen this summer to keep other people from being burned.

Dr. Fauci was ripped in Senate hearings last week after new facts emerged that Corona Virus was likely hatched in the virology lab in China. Fauci is reeling from his initial dismissal of Trump's claim the virus originated in the lab. He's being harassed by activists from Bat Lives Matter.

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced the state's Covid lottery will include gun and assault rifle giveaways as prizes for winning tickets. The news traveled fast across the South. Tulsa BLM protestors who'd vowed to kill every white person in America just voted to bypass West Virginia.

The White House gladly accepted the Queen's invitation to President and Mrs. Biden to meet with Her Majesty at Windsor Castle. It'll be the first day of his European trip. Biden wandered off the teleprompter again and said he would be glad to meet with an old Queen during Gay Pride Month.

Windsor Castle is preparing for President Biden's arrival next week. The Special Relationship is alive and well. Just for Joe, Queen Elizabeth plans to order a twenty-one gun salute, host a state banquet for him, and have her great grand-daughters wash the backs of their necks with Irish Spring.

Dr. Fauci faced new calls for Senate investigation Tuesday as his defense of the Chinese virus lab wears thin under new evidence. And the release of his emails does not bode well for the doctor. They show that last month Dr Fauci asked Hillary Clinton for the name of a good hard-drive cleaner.

Dr. Fauci's claims all last year that Covid came from an infected bat fell apart last week. New evidence shows he may be protecting the Wuhan Lab and his own agency's investment in the virus research there. I'd just like to get way ahead of this and say I do NOT believe Dr. Fauci killed himself.

Dr. Fauci's emails were leaked which show he was very aware last year of the PR problem he would face over his NIH grants to the Wuhan lab if the virus were to have accidentally escaped from the lab. Fauci should have learned from the Master. Keep your e-mails in your bathroom closet.

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin said he'll not back his party's move to end the filibuster nor will he vote to allow the feds to take over elections. No one can decipher how the president took the news. Yesterday Joe Biden took a huge bite from a microphone thinking it was an ice cream cone.

The White House answered press criticism that President Biden didn't hold any special event commemorating D-Day on Sunday. The press secretary said Joe mentioned it in his speech on Memorial Day. That's when Biden traveled to Arlington Cemetery and thanked everybody for voting.

Kamala Harris sounded like Trump in Guatemala City, telling Guatemalans to stay home. My guess is, Biden's next adoption of Trump policy is the virus's lab origin. The White House is tacking back to the center after polls show more Americans trust Dr. Seuss than Dr. Fauci.

The White House stopped saying Covid came from a bat as evidence that it came from the Wuhan Lab mounted Monday. And the shutdown was as useless as the masks. Now twice a week I go to the gym, put on my martial arts combat robe and take up the mystical art of confusion called Fau Chi.

Kamala Harris returned from Central America Tuesday saying she's more sharply focused on the migrant crisis. She finally agreed to go to the border so she pulled into the nearest Taco Bell. She also got gas there for two dollars so she doesn't understand what everybody is complaining about.

President Biden crafted a new Atlantic Charter with Prime Minister Boris Johnson Thursday in England. Last week Joe said our top threat was white supremacy and this week he said it was global warming. This week these two threats have combined forces and now we face Global Whiteness.

The New York Post front-page story headline Friday reads American Idle. It says three million Americans choose to remain unemployed and on state and federal benefits despite nine million job openings. It appears that after defeating Covid, America has been infected by the French variant.

-- Argus Hamilton

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I couldn't sleep, either.   :laugh:

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