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North America: Record Cold Inbound

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North America: Record Cold Inbound
June 18, 2021 Cap Allon   

The weather models suggested it earlier in the week, and now they have only gained in confidence: record-breaking cold is inbound for much of the North American continent starting Sunday.

The MSM may be milking the West’s heat for all it’s worth, but they’re about to have some serious explaining to do as a powerful, wide-reaching Arctic outbreak looks set to blast much of the CONUS with record-setting cold.

Looking at the latest GFS run (shown below), an extensive mass of unusually frigid air will descend from northern Alberta in Canada all the way down to the southern U.S. states of Texas and Oklahoma.

The outbreak will begin on Sunday, June 20 –the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere– and will have taken hold by the time Monday, June 21 rolls around:

Smokin Joe:
Our ten day forecast calls for overnight lows in the 40s and low 50s.

Me too man.
Not crazy, but still much cooler than normal.

Smokin Joe:

--- Quote from: 240B on June 19, 2021, 04:54:08 AM ---Me too man.
Not crazy, but still much cooler than normal.

--- End quote ---
I have a lot of work to do outside, so I don't mind so much at the moment. This winter might be a different story.

Cyber Liberty:
The maps in the article show no relief at all for California and Arizona.  There are more 120 degree days for us next week.


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