Author Topic: Leftists at Media Matters Caught Pushing Lie About Republican (Again)  (Read 143 times)

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Leftists at Media Matters Caught Pushing Lie About Republican (Again)

Media Matters, the progressive organization that helps create the Democrat’s anti-conservative talking points behind closed doors, was caught pushing a lie about Texas Republican Bob Hall. This lie was so obviously wrong,  so egregious they had to retract the story and apologize.
In an unusual move for the liberal slander machine, the MMFA slander of Bob Hall was retracted. Maybe they’ve grown a conscience (but I doubt it).

On Tuesday, the leftist group pushed out a story entitled, “GOP Texas state Sen. Bob Hall appeared on the program of a white nationalist, pro-Hitler outlet that denies the Holocaust.”
It turns out that the lying writer, Eric Hananoki, didn’t bother to investigate to realize that Sen. Hall did not actually appear on the radio program at all and that the radio show just used cuts of Hall and created their own fake interview.

MMfA tells lies that even MSM-folk aren't dishonest enough to tell.
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Maybe Eric was trying to tell the world that Republicans are lock-stepping like democrats now.  How much lower could a Republican go ?
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