Author Topic: The Atlantic Lays Out Pete Buttigieg’s Path to Presidency — in 2024  (Read 480 times)

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The Atlantic Lays Out Pete Buttigieg’s Path to Presidency — in 2024

Kyle Olson 9 Jun 2021

The Atlantic magazine published a profile piece on Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Tuesday and plotted his path to the presidency that would involve him replacing incumbent President Joe Biden.

Writer Edward-Isaac Dovere wrote the glowing report about Buttigieg’s attempts to gather support for a massive “infrastructure” spending bill that redefines traditional infrastructure to include elder care and electric vehicles.

In the story, Dovere laid out Buttigieg’s potential path to the presidency — which he sought in 2020 — in 2024:

Here’s the winner of the 2020 Iowa caucus, living out his grand political plan to … how exactly would it work? Something like: He takes an inherently snoozer job as a low-ranking Cabinet official, spends a few years quietly kissing up to mostly forgettable members of Congress with talk about railroads and broadband, and going on TV to defend the administration. Along the way, he counts on Biden not to run again and Kamala Harris not to emerge as Biden’s natural heir. If everything comes together perfectly, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, becomes the first president since Herbert Hoover to have come out of the Cabinet.

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I used to be really tolerant of homosexuality.

Now, that the SJW has force fed their debauchery down our throats for serveral years now, I doubt I could even support a conservative one for the ballot. Just like the BLM...  They think their little antics the past few years has helped race relations.  They are sadly mistaken.
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The Buttgigger is just as much not ready for prime time as Kamala is.
This country has already broken apart, we're just still in the Dead Man Walking phase.

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He could run with K-girl they have things in common.

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Buttboy and Nacho O'Rouke. Now there is a ticked for the the ages.
Any political party that can't cough up anything better than a treacherous brain-damaged old vulture like Joe Biden deserves to die a slow death.

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Buttboy and Nacho O'Rouke. Now there is a ticked for the the ages.

Boy that's a loaded scenario ....  888mouth                                       
GOD Bless America, have mercy upon this country and stop the evil that has a stranglehold on our Republic from prevailing.

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Buttboy and Nacho O'Rouke. Now there is a ticked for the the ages.
Beto was in our city a week ago and could barely draw 30 people.  He's totally clueless.....
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Buttboy can run all he wants.  America will never elect him, any more than they will elect Kammie.  Both are idiots.  Americans are getting tired of idiots, and after Biden, the country might just be ready for a Continental Congress to revise requirements for POTUS.  Age 35 and born here is laughable!!!


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Buttboy and Nacho O'Rouke. Now there is a ticked for the the ages.
Will Beto let Buttboy ride his skateboard?
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Path to the Presidency? In the back door, mebbe....
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