Author Topic: Biden's Own Budget Chief Says It: WH Spending Agenda Is DOA Without 'Trillions in Tax Hikes'  (Read 131 times)

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Biden's Own Budget Chief Says It: WH Spending Agenda Is DOA Without 'Trillions in Tax Hikes'
By Mike Miller | Jun 08, 2021 8:30 PM ET

What do we know about Joe Biden? As opposed to the pablum the Democrats and liberal media have tried to feed us for two years. We know he is well beyond his prime — both physically and mentally — and most likely more so than the average 78-year-old.

We know Corn Pop’s pal often can’t remember which city or state he’s in, confuses his wife with his sister, thinks every American has a “right” to “badakathcare,” and refers to GOD as “the thing” — when he can’t even remember “God.” And of course, the confused mumbling.

Having accurately laid that out, is it reasonable to assume that Biden is so consumed (manipulated) by the far-left faction of the Democrat Party that he cluelessly supports, and ridiculously tries to defend — at least half the time lying through his teeth — grandiose, socialist spending boondoggles that don’t even come close to making sense, mathematically? From a tax-revenue perspective? From a National Debt perspective?

Hell yeah, it’s reasonable to assume. Look no further than Biden’s own White House budget director for confirmation of everything I just said. Moreover, Shalanda Young, the White House’s acting budget office chief, said on Tuesday, in effect, that Biden’s drunken sailor spending proposals are DOA without trillions of dollars in tax hikes — across the board.

Even “worse” — from a Democrat perspective?

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