Author Topic: Former Democratic Opponent To Dan Crenshaw Makes Passing Remark About Eye Damaged By IED. Here’s How  (Read 211 times)

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Former Democratic Opponent To Dan Crenshaw Makes Passing Remark About Eye Damaged By IED. Here’s How The Rep. Responded

Jordan Lancaster
June 08, 2021 3:47 PM ET

Republican Texas Rep. and Navy SEAL veteran Dan Crenshaw sparred with his former Democratic opponent Monday on Twitter after she made comments about his eye.

Elisa Cardnell, who ran for the House of Representatives against Crenshaw in Texas’ Second Congressional District in 2020, made a comment about Crenshaw’s eye after he called one of Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s tweets a “blatant lie.”

“The GOP has been singlemindedly chipping away at democracy for months,” Cardnell wrote according to screenshots posted by the Daily Wire. “The reason you can’t see the objective truth isn’t because of your eyes; it’s because of how far you have your nose up your Dear Leader’s a$$.” (RELATED: Dan Crenshaw Appears In First Congressional Hearing Since Emergency Eye Surgery)

Crenshaw lost his eye to a bomb while he was fighting in Afghanistan and had to undergo several surgeries to save his other eye.

“Actually it’s just ‘eye,’ singular,” Crenshaw responded.

Cardnell said she “ran out of characters to say ‘eyes, or lack thereof.'”

“Bless your heart,” Crenshaw told his former Democratic opponent. “Please pray for this woman.”

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