Author Topic: Biden to ‘Brave’ Transgender Youth: ‘Your President Has Your Back’  (Read 209 times)

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Biden to ‘Brave’ Transgender Youth: ‘Your President Has Your Back’

Dr. Susan Berry 8 Jun 2021

President Joe Biden tweeted a “Pride” message Monday to young people identifying as transgender: “Your president has your back.”

Biden complimented young people with gender dysphoria who deny their biological sex by referring to them as “brave”:

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The GOP is not the party leadership.  The GOP is the party MEMBERSHIP.   The members need to kick the leaders out if they leaders are going the wrong way.  No coddling allowed.

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Joe, does it smell like teen spirit? Hello, hello, hello, how low.
Any political party that can't cough up anything better than a treacherous brain-damaged old vulture like Joe Biden deserves to die a slow death.