Author Topic: Sen. McConnell: Democrats’ legislative agenda is designed to fail  (Read 174 times)

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Sen. McConnell: Democrats’ legislative agenda is designed to fail

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) weighed in on the Democrats’ agenda for June while asserting it’s “designed to fail.” During a Senate floor hearing Monday, the Republican argued the left is only focusing its agenda to their own political bias.

“As I understand it, Senate Democrats intend to focus this month on the demands of their radical base, exploiting the cause of pay fairness to send a windfall to trial lawyers, saddling hospitals, schools and small businesses with crippling new legal burdens if they fail to keep pace with woke social norms,” he stated. “And opening an unprecedented new front in the left’s war on the Second Amendment. ”

McConnell pointed out that added none of the pieces of legislation brought up by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-.N.Y.) so far this term, including the For the People Act and the infrastructure package that’s still being negotiated, have been aimed at earning bipartisan support.

“Bizarrely, it appears they are being floated in order to illustrate that the bar is too high,” he explained. “After a spring in which the Senate has repeatedly passed mainstream legislation by wide margins, Democrats have decided that now is the time to argue the legislative process is somehow broken. ”

McConnell also criticized of the extended unemployment assistance under the American Rescue Plan. While Biden has reportedly credited last month’s drop in unemployment to the progress of COVID-19 vaccines, the Senate minority leade rargued the relief benefits would discourage Americans from getting back to work.

“Democrats’ bloated additions to unemployment insurance haven’t just failed to help our recovery, they’ve actually hurt it and the consequences on main street are now in full focus,” McConnell continued. “As hiring lags, employers are struggling to entice workers to rejoin and keep their facilities staffed.”................
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