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‘Arrest Warrant To Be Sought,’ Brooks Claims Swalwell’s Attorney Team ‘Committed A Crime’ When Serving Him Legal Papers
June 7, 2021
Written by Carmine Sabia

California Rep. Eric Swalwell has served Republican Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks with a lawsuit days after attorneys with Swalwell said they could not find Rep. Brooks to serve him. But, according to Brooks, Swalwell’s team broke the law when he was served.

The lawsuit brought by Swalwell accuses Brooks, Donald Trump, and other Republicans of provoking the happenings of January 6 at the Capitol, CNN reported.

“Well, Swalwell FINALLY did his job, served complaint (on my WIFE). HORRIBLE Swalwell’s team committed a CRIME by unlawfully sneaking INTO MY HOUSE & accosting my wife!” Brooks said on Twitter along with a photo of his computer screen to show the criminal statute.

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C mon, hitlery did far worse felonies and got away with it guilty as hell, unscathed-free as a bird.  Do people have no concept of reality?  Democrats are privileged and above the law, its how socialist/Communism works.  Will the deniers refuse to wake up unto they are put before a wall and shot ?  Are bullets the key to a higher awakening/understanding?  Or just a expected end to stubborn denial of reality, Darwinian type thing ?  If you're not a privileged ruling democrat, your Constitutional rights have been abridged.  So much clueless denial, eh ?  So many have already found out the hard way.