Author Topic: Liz Cheney compares Trump-talk to ‘dangerous’ Chinese Communist Party lies  (Read 238 times)

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Liz Cheney compares Trump-talk to ‘dangerous’ Chinese Communist Party lies
June 7, 2021 | Sierra Marlee

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyoming, compared former President Donald Trump’s claims of a rigged election to Chinese Communist Party claims about the United States.

“When you listen to Donald Trump talk now, when you hear the language he’s using now, it is essentially the same things that the Chinese Communist Party, for example, says about the United States and our democracy,” she said on David Axelrod’s podcast “The Axe Files.”

Despite Democrats claiming that Russians interfered with our election to help install Trump as our president for nearly four years, suddenly Cheney takes issue with people casting doubt on our electoral process.

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Biden frequently quotes Chinese Communist quotes, and has so been acknowledged here, so ask a NeverTrumper!  Blame Trump!

Down memory lane, Obama told Putin that if he got re-elected, Obama would have a free-er hand.  Oh, yeah, if democrats do it, blame shift, blame Republicans to cover up. Same this time too !

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Is she taking a risk badmouthing her Chinese masters?