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Anti-vaccine protesters, dressed up as Marvel superheroes, camp out in front of Disneyland


PeteS in CA:
Anti-vaccine protesters, dressed up as Marvel superheroes, camp out in front of Disneyland

--- Quote ---At least a dozen people dressed up as assorted Marvel superheroes are posted outside of Disneyland to protest what they believe to be a supposed lack of information surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine.

The protest is sprawled out on Harbor Blvd. in Anaheim early Friday morning, near a line of thousands of Disneyland attendees waiting to enter the park on the pedestrian entrance to the park. With posters designed to look like comic books, with the pun “Marvel at the Facts,” the protesters claim that the safety measures were flouted in the lead-up to its approval in the United States.

One sign reads, "Rushed COVID-19 vaccines bypassed critical safety steps," while another claims that the Food and Drug Administration has not approved the vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have repeatedly repudiated any claims that the approval process for the vaccine was rushed, noting that vaccines “were evaluated in tens of thousands of participants in clinical trials” and met multiple “rigorous scientific standards” in order to receive emergency use authorization (EUA) by the FDA.
--- End quote ---

1. The protesters should have clown noses.

2. The vaccines currently in use have all gone through normal testing. "Critical safety steps" were not "bypassed".

3. Calling the vaccines currently in use "experimental" is a word game, hair-splitting between "Emergency Use Authorization" and "Biologics License". It's a word game soon to become a lie, as both Pfizer and Moderna have both begun the Biologics License Application process to receive full approval (J&J will probably begin the process in about 3 months). From what I've seen of RFK Jr./Mercola/etc.-grade anti-vaxxers, they won't drop that claim when it becomes false, and neither will their followers.


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