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House Democrats Accidentally Release Internal Emails Showing Intraparty Disagreements Over 2022 Strategy on Trump

Jacob Bliss 4 Jun 2021

The House Democrats’ campaign arm, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), accidentally released internal emails to reporters showing intraparty disagreements over how to handle talking about former President Donald Trump, as the party starts to ramp up campaigning for the midterm elections, according to reports.

The National Journal’s Hotline’s Wake-Up Call reports an internal email exchange between staff members at the DCCC that showed concern over campaign material that highlighted Trump’s name, fearing it could be “stoking the former president’s base.” The press release was apparently sent to reporters on Thursday and had the subject line “SIX MONTH REVIEW: LIE, CHEAT, STEEL.” The email reportedly contained “an internal back-and-forth between the committee and a campaign staffer over wording and strategy.”

The report further explained that when editing a draft release that was apparently sent by a staffer for the campaign of former California Rep Harley Rouda, a researcher from the DCCC had “pushed back on a line invoking Rep. Michelle Steel’s (R-CA 48) vote against impeaching Trump,” according to the report. The report showed the staffer has asked:

Do we think highlighting her vote not to impeach trump is helpful? In midterm with him out of WH, not sure how much we want to keep highlighting him and give the Trump base a reason to turnout.

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Democrats 'Accidentally'....yeah sure.

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Democrats 'Accidentally'....yeah sure.

IMHO the very best thing that Trump's base can do, is to silently move forward and get as many supporters to be precinct captains as possible and involved at the local level.  Keeping an eye on the presidency is futile unless they build on a solid foundation and make solid plans to ensure a fair election and do so without announcing the army that they are building.

Somehow, they also need to get rid of Ronna as the head of the RNC.
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Yeah, Lie, Cheat, Steal, the democrats i have come to know oh so well.  As the liars,deniers deny knowing who they really are, they need to visit them so they can know what kind of people they are in bed with.