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AR 15 Conversion Kits – Best 5 Types You Should Own


Ammoland  by Thomas Conroy May 26, 2021

AR-15s are modular, hence the AR 15 Conversion Kits.

Push out the takedown and pivot pins and remove the upper – it contains the barrel and the matching bolt carrier group, the charging handle, and the gas system.

If you’ve zeroed an optic or scope, it comes with the upper, too. Replace the original upper assembly with a different one; push the two pins back into place, and voila! You’ve got a different gun.

Standard 5.56mm lowers can’t accept larger .308 uppers, and vice versa. But there are plenty of AR 15 Conversion Kits in all sorts of calibers that will work perfectly with standard 5.56 lowers, and the lineup seems to expand all the time. There are many complete upper assemblies available that are literally “plug and play” on any standard AR lower assembly.


Why would anyone go to the trouble of getting a bunch of uppers to go on just one AR-15 lower?

Think of it this way. You’ve spent time and money getting exactly the trigger you want, and the best stock that fits you perfectly. Maybe you’ve added a Magpul BAD Lever, and the ideal pistol grip for your hand. Why should you give all that up just because you want to do a different kind of shooting, at a different distance?

The good news is that you don’t have to, at least not if you get a spare complete upper assembly or three. That way, you can use the same gun for everything from plinking soda cans on the family farm, to sniping steel targets way out there, to hammering feral hogs in thick brush, just by pushing two pins and swapping uppers.

I’ve put together a list of complete AR 15 Conversion Kits assemblies every Black Rifle owner should consider owning:

•   A big bore kit like the 458 SOCOM AR 15 Conversion Kit.

•   A 6.5 Grendel AR 15 Conversion Kits.

•   A 300 AAC Blackout AR 15 Conversion Kits.

•   A 22 LR AR 15 Conversion Kit.

•   A Varmint or Precision AR-15 Upper Kit.



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