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Amazing 10-Year-Old Just Rips to Shreds the Hypocrisy Over His School's Mask Mandate


Amazing 10-Year-Old Just Rips to Shreds the Hypocrisy Over His School's Mask Mandate
By Nick Arama | May 18, 2021 7:00 PM ET

There have no doubt been a lot of things said about mask wearing and schools during this pandemic.

But what often seems missing in this discussion over the past year about what’s appropriate is how much the kids have been hurt by all this, with the denial of in-person education and the psychological and physical harm that they may have had from wearing masks while their risk of transmission of the virus is so low.

We’ve heard from politicians like Joe Biden and even from the AFT head Randi Weingarten about “safety” about the things that need to be considered in regard to schools.

But who we don’t hear from at all is the kids andrand how this all has affected them. The media hasn’t seemed to care enough to share those tales.

So we present to you this amazing video of John, who is a fourth-grader at Felix A. Williams Elementary School in the Martin County School District in Stuart, Florida. While Gov. Ron DeSantis eliminated the mask mandates for the rest of the state, schools still have mask orders in place. School districts are considering making them voluntary for next year.

Listen as John addresses the board asking for masks to be made voluntary while calling out the hypocrisy of his teachers and explaining how this has adversely affected him and his friends. He says he didn’t think it would stay this way all year long. “Two weeks to slow the spread,” remember?

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Amazing young boy..he and his father were just on Tucker..the father also spoke to the school board but was removed by force.

If only we had Republican politicians with this much courage.

The holes in all these masks are 10 to 100 times the size of the Covid19 virus.  Wearing a mask to stop this virus is like trying to keep mosquitoes out by putting up a chain link fence on your windows.

Netherlands conducted a medical test of 5,000 citizens wearing masks, and 5,000 not wearing masks.  The difference in infection rates was negligible.
Vietnam arrived at the same results. 

Leftists prefer panic and emotion to science and reality, so Leftists swear by masks and often wear two of them.  I like to ask them if four wouldn't be even better!

Two friends tested positive and said this flu was less of a problem than common colds they have had dozens of times.  They're in their seventies.
Deaths come to patients in their eighties with 2 to 4 underlying serious medical conditions.  And the vaccines are only ~64% effective on elderly folks.  Some doctors are seeing infected patients who have been vaccinated in much greater numbers than infected patients who haven't been vaccinated.  I'm not getting that crap.


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