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Tech giants put aside differences to support immigrant workers


Tech giants put aside differences to support immigrant workers

Two dozen companies including Google, Amazon, and Microsoft filed an amicus in the case of Save Jobs USA v. Department of Homeland Security.
Andrew Paul
5.14.2021 7:04 PM

Big Tech behemoths might not agree on much (which is a very polite way of saying they’re constantly out for each others’ blood), but one thing has recently united many of them: their support for their massive pools of immigrant employees, especially when their spouses’ statuses are under legal siege. As CNBC reports, Google has led the charge alongside major players like Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter, PayPal, and Apple in filing an amicus within a major court battle that could decide the fate of tens of thousands of H-4 visa holders.

The case, Save Jobs USA v. Department of Homeland Security, has the plaintiffs seeking the court to overturn a DHS decision allowing H-1B workers’ spouses to also hold jobs as their partners await green cards. Plaintiffs are self-identified in the filings as former Southern California Edison employees “replaced by foreign workers imported on H-1B guest worker visas.” If this ruling were invalidated, Google and others argue, it would endanger the livelihoods of both H-4 and H-1B immigrants, a huge majority of whom form Big Tech’s software and other “high-skilled” workforces.

The amicus argues that a decision in favor of Save Jobs USA “would be utterly destructive for the families impacted; by just one measure, about 87 percent of these families have made crucial life decisions on the promise of H-4 employment, including whether to have a child and whether to buy a house.”


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