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Will Apprehending More Than 1,600 Illegal Aliens Over a Weekend be Commonplace This Summer?



Border Crisis 2021
Will Apprehending More Than 1,600 Illegal Aliens Over a Weekend be Commonplace This Summer?
avatar By Jason Pena   May 11, 2021 1 Comment
As the crisis continues to grow at the southern border with no end sight, Border Patrol agents have remained on the frontlines attempting to impede the chaos from seeping into the interior of the United States. A slew of apprehensions in Arizona might foreshadow what’s to come in the approaching summer months if the Biden administration does not reign in its reckless immigration policies.

On May 3, Chief Border Agent Chris T. Clem announced the apprehensions of more than 1,600 illegal aliens over the previous weekend in the Yuma Sector, which included 13 groups of aliens consisting of 30 or more migrants each. Chief Border Agent Clem also said many unlawful migrants entered through areas of the border that did not have proper infrastructure or barriers to block their entry.

These mass apprehensions should come as no surprise. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data showed that March had a whopping 172,231 apprehensions at the Southwest border – the highest monthly total for that month since Fiscal Year 2000. According to preliminary data obtained by TheBlaze, CBP agents arrested 177,431 illegal aliens at the southern border in April. As FAIR has noted, the cooler months tend to yield fewer illegal border crossings. However, President Joe Biden’s immigration policies have attracted countless foreign nationals to flood the southern border at unprecedented levels during typically “slower” months of the year.

Actually, I think the number will be about twice that.   AND congress will pass a law making it illegal for American citizens to openly disagree with the administration on immigration issues. ****slapping


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