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VIDEO: Remember When Democrats and the Media LOVED Ballot Recounts and Audits?



--- Quote ---The Democrats and the media are now almost desperately trying to shut down the ballot audit in Maricopa County, Arizona. However, there was a time when both the Democrats and the media absolutely LOVED ballot recounts and audits. That was in the wake of the 2000 election in Florida. A time of hanging chads, helicopters with network cameras trailing trucks loaded with ballots, and urgent calls for recounts, recounts, RECOUNTS no matter how many times the recounts showed that Al Gore lost the election. So obsessed were the Democrats by the 2000 election ballots that HBO produced not only a film about it ("Recount") but also a documentary as well. Now they just desperately want the Maricopa County ballot audit to just go away.

But wait... THERE'S MORE!!! Most people have forgotten there was a comprehensive AUDIT of the Florida 2000 ballots over a period of 10 months by  a consortium of newspapers led by the New York Times. Do you remember the vehement objections from the Republicans? You probably don't remember that for the simple reason that, unlike the current objections to the Maricopa County audit by the Democrats and the media, there were no such objections  by the Republicans to an audit that again showed that Gore lost.

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