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54% of Fires Set in Los Angeles Are in Homeless Encampments, HUD Reports Population 66,000+


54% of Fires Set in Los Angeles Are in Homeless Encampments, HUD Reports Population 66,000+

Penny Starr 14 May 2021

As the homeless population continues to surge in Los Angeles County, this demographic now accounts for 54 percent of fires responded to in the first quarter of 2021.

According to a report from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued in March, 66,436 homeless people live in the county — a 13 percent increase over pre-pandemic numbers.

Fox News in Los Angeles reported on the escalation of fires in homeless encampments which are made up of clusters of tents across the county:

--- Quote ---    At least seven homeless people died in fires in 2020. Fires ignited near businesses have also caused tens of millions of dollars in damage, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    Fire officials hope to educate the public on safe cooking to avoid fires. The department recently launched a pilot program to station a rapid response team in Los Angeles’ coastal Venice neighborhood.

    Armando Hogan, the deputy chief for operations of the LAFD’s West Bureau, questioned the root cause for the growing number of fires.
--- End quote ---


PeteS in CA:
As the article indicates, most of the fires are from cooking rather than arson. But a person lacking expertise whose consciousness may be altered by recreational chemicals and/or mental illness building a cooking fire in a dry park setting is an out-of-control fire waiting to happen. Sometimes people die or are injured, often property is damaged, loads of fire department time is consumed.

Any county stuporvisor or city clownsel member who couldn't have foreseen this can't safely tie their shoes in the morning.


So, we a new government program to teach fire safety and distribute fire extinguishers to the homeless?  Afterall, it sounds like a crisis.


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