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L.A. City Council Committee Approves Mike Bonin Proposal to Study Homeless Shelters at Beaches

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L.A. City Council Committee Approves Mike Bonin Proposal to Study Homeless Shelters at Beaches

Joel B. Pollak 13 May 2021

The Los Angeles City Council’s Homeless and Poverty Committee voted 4-1 Thursday to authorize a study for a controversial proposal by Councilmember Mike Bonin to build temporary shelters for the homeless at local beaches, among other sites.

As Breitbart News reported last month:

--- Quote ---    Los Angeles City Council member Mike Bonin has proposed sheltering the city’s growing homeless populations in facilities at local beaches on the Pacific Ocean, provoking the ire of local residents who rely on the beaches for recreation.

    Touting what he calls an “everything in” approach to homelessness, Bonin posted his plan last week, which includes a motion to study a “temporary site for single-occupancy tiny homes or safe camping at the county-owned parking lot at Will Rogers State Beach” in Pacific Palisades; similar sites at Dockweiler Beach in Playa Del Rey and Fisheran’s Village in Marina Del Rey; and a “temporary site specifically for RV safe parking at the county-owned parking lot” at Dockweiler.

    Bonin includes suggestions for several additional sites on the west side of Los Angeles. His motion does not address the environmental impact of homeless encampments on public beaches, including sewage, drug use, crime, or other problems.

    The county’s beaches have been one of the few refuges for local residents during the coronavirus pandemic, when other recreation sites were closed or restricted. The city council used public recreation centers as temporary homeless shelters.

    Many local residents were furious.
--- End quote ---


Bonin helped exacerbate the problem and now he's rushing in to solve it.

The folks who voted him in are doing nothing to get rid of him...they bitch, moan and whine, but still do nothing.

CA politics at it's "best". 

PeteS in CA:
I have some running friends in one of those areas who regularly use the beach areas for their run workouts. They're in the Prog--Very-Prog range (not Insanely-Prog). It's tempting to ask them about this proposal, but that would probably be poking @#$% excessively.


What about golf courses, country clubs, and polo clubs?  Maybe they'd benefit from using the swimming pools and playing golf.

The problem with beaches is there's less real estate at high tide.

Homeless housed on the beaches.  I'm sure they will all be, I mean like chillin, so many positive waves...

They all will be drinking wine and eating cheese, and catching some rays, you know.

Woof Woof.


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