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San Marcos making a splash as official Mermaid Capital of Texas


KVUE by Jeff Bell  5/8/2021

A resolution to designate San Marcos as the Mermaid Capital of Texas has passed both chambers of the Texas Legislature and is headed to the governor’s desk.

 San Marcos is making waves in the Texas Legislature!

The Central Texas city is one step closer to officially becoming the Mermaid Capital of Texas after a resolution passed both chambers and is on its way to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk.

HCR 13 and SCR 9 would designate San Marcos the official Mermaid Capital of Texas for a 10-year period beginning this year.

“For thousands of years, the mermaid has been one of the most striking symbols of humanity’s connection with the natural world,” the House resolution says. “Over the past century, this legendary figure has come to represent the city of San Marcos and its special relationship to the water resources of Central Texas.”

“The mermaid symbol is our connection to our past with Aquarena Springs and the Aquamaids,” Mermaid Society SMTX founder July Moreno told KVUE in 2019, referring to the characters that performed at the theme park. “And the new transformation of what was once seen as entertainment with the Aquamaids is now seen as a revival of the mermaid for environmental protection of our San Marcos River.”


@Cyber Liberty

My husband was born in San Marcos, Texas.  His father was Vice-President of the university there.  Husband was a fine swimmer growing up and, beginning when he was a teenager, worked at Aquarena Springs in the summers.  The boats had a clear bottom, so those in boat could see him swimming under the boat.  He did not say there were also Mermaids.  I suppose those were added as the years went by.


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