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WaPo touts insect eating as ‘a sustainable protein source’ – ‘Can you eat cicadas? Yes, &amp here’s th

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Joe Wooten:

How long before PETA and those irritating vegans start whining about people eating those innocent bugs? They'll be infiltrating bug farms  to video the cruel practices the farmers use to grow and harvest their bugs. There'll be vegans prancing about in grasshopper costumes holding signs tellin g us bugs feel pain too.......

Pathetic Excuse For An Environmentalist Hasn’t Even Eaten A Cicada Yet
May 24th, 2021 -

--- Quote ---SAN DIEGO, CA—“I’m a forward-thinking environmentalist!” said Jude Ashton, a backward-thinking, planet-killing, sorry excuse for a progressive. “Just because I haven’t eaten a cicada yet, doesn’t mean I’m not.”

“I just don’t want to eat bugs,” said the so-called progressive who allegedly cares about the planet. “Why can’t I just eat other protein-dense, gluten-free, environmentally conscious food sources?”

Other progressives rightfully questioned Ashton’s commitment to the cause since he admitted himself he hadn’t eaten a single terneral or nymph cicada.  ...
--- End quote ---

Smokin Joe:
Actually, let the lefties eat all the bugs they want, it leaves more beef for me.

Besides, if they don't wash, they can draw their own dinner...


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