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How the Left Redefines Normality


May 8, 2021
How the Left Redefines Normality
By Mark Landsbaum

It is so obvious that even before Christ brought me to Himself, I realized abortion advocates had arrogantly redefined “baby” to justify committing murder. Babies in the womb became “a clump of cells.”

They obviously were dehumanizing the child to make his murder less onerous, more palatable. Indeed, once the child’s humanity was disestablished, it was a short step to defining abortion as something good, like extracting a decayed tooth or removing a wart.

To do this necessarily required changing the meaning of the word that refers to what mothers carry in their wombs. Language is how we communicate. Words matter.

“Baby” had to be redefined because more than half a century ago when this movement gained wide support, even the most barbarous among us still were repulsed by the idea of killing an actual living baby for convenience’s sake.

But if it’s not a “baby,” it must be something. The abortionists’ redefinition resulted in it becoming something far less worthy of protection, even something that it was good to destroy.


Sled Dog:
A related note:

Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) in 1993:  Defining Deviancy Down

Moynihan, a left-wing Senator of his time, would be considered right of center by today's standards (Definining Deviancy to the Left is also a process), wrote this article about mental health and crime.   1993 was a long time ago, almost as far in our past as the de-institutionalization of the nut houses he wrote about happening in 1955.    The process has continued to the point where being homosexual is not only no longer recognized as the mental illness it truly is, but the act of normal people rejecting the presumption that boys can be girls is now being viewed as a mental illness.

We have a LONG WAY to go to become a healthy country again.

And my daughter is still struggling with the conjoined concepts that life begins at conception and the existence of the Fifth Amendment.

As soon as I read the title, I thought "defining deviancy down" as a "continuous process"...   but Sled Dog beat me to the punch lines.


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