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Maryland Passes Sanctuary Bills: Governor Promises to Veto



Maryland Passes Sanctuary Bills: Governor Promises to Veto
David Jaroslav
State & Local Legislative Manager

After many years of open borders groups pushing for it, the Maryland General Assembly on April 12, late on the last night of its annual session, passed two bills that would impose dangerous sanctuary policies statewide.  Governor Larry Hogan (R) has long promised to veto such legislation but has yet to do so.  The fate of the Old Line State hangs in the balance.

House Bill (HB) 23, sponsored by Delegate Dana Stein (D-Baltimore County) requires state and local agencies and contractors to deny access to “personal information” and facial recognition searches to federal agencies for the purpose of immigration enforcement unless provided with a judicial warrant or other court order.  It passed the House of Delegates 97-42 and the Senate 32-14.

HB 16, the “Dignity Not Detention Act,” sponsored by Del. Vaughn Stewart (D-Montgomery County) was throughout almost all of session a ban on immigration detention contracts.  However, on the last day of session it was amended with additional language from the proposed “Trust Act,” to make it into a more general sanctuary state bill, which:


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