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Washington Post Goes All-In on Busting Senate Rules to Get Amnesty for Illegal Aliens



Washington Post Goes All-In on Busting Senate Rules to Get Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
avatar By Ira Mehlman   May 5, 2021
A newspaper with the words "Foul Play."   

If you listen closely – really, really closely, when the crickets stop chirping – you just might hear the sound of Americans clamoring for a massive amnesty for illegal aliens. If you do, you probably live in Portland, San Francisco, Brooklyn, or in the vicinity of some overly woke college campus. Most other places, people’s priorities are jobs, taxes, safe streets, or even getting our border under control.

One other place you might encounter an obsession with amnesty for illegal aliens is on the airwaves of the 24-hour cable “news” channels and on the pages of elitist once-great newspapers and magazines. The Fourth Estate has long since ceased to function as an objective source of information that allows the public to make up its own mind about important issues. But in recent months it has morphed into a lobbying force, pushing for enactment of a woke political agenda – by any means necessary.

At President Biden’s one (and only) highly staged “news” conference on March 25, “journalists” openly lobbied him to declare his support for changing longstanding Senate rules. When President Biden, working off of index cards listing pre-approved questioners, called on Yamiche Alcindor, the PBS anchor did not so much pose a question, as exhort the president to take a political position. “Why not back a filibuster rule that at least gets around issues, including voting rights or immigration?” she asked passive-aggressively.


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