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The Left-Wing Putsch


May 7, 2021
The Left-Wing Putsch
By Jack Wisdom

We are in a dire and extreme condition as a country, where one of our two major parties is moving toward a total power-grab and a re-directing of our entire system of government.  The left is positioning itself and has made significant headway already to control all branches of government in perpetuity.  The days of "thinking through" differences are over as far as the Dems are concerned.

In a recent article, the author, Jonathan Tobin, expressed alarm about the appointment by Pres. Joe Biden of  Sarah Margon for the post of assistant sec'y of state for democracy, human rights, and labor.  Tobin concludes, "On this nomination, there can be no compromise.  Supporters of Israel — be they Republicans or Democrats — are obligated to vote against her."  This conclusion is assuming that this is another issue, like issues throughout American history, where wise and probing minds on both sides of the aisle can put aside partisan interests for the good of our country or the good of some ally or the enactment of a wise policy.  Not only is Tobin's assumption naïve, but that view actually advances the cause of the power-grabbing Democrats.  There is no longer an underlying unity and a common commitment to and belief in our American heritage.

Our government is under siege.  The Democrats do not have goodwill.  The freedom of the people is at stake.  Not only Israel, but the entire USA is threatened as never before by the Democrats, who have yielded to the far left.  Truman did not yield to the left led by Henry Wallace in 1948, but in 2020, Pres. Joe Burdensome signed a formal pact with Sen. Bernie Sanders last summer before the election.  In this writer's opinion, that 110-page document was the tipping point, where the Democrats became the Democratic Communist Party of America (DCPA).


"The Left-Wing Putsch..."

... was more than a mere "putsch".

A "putsch" is defined as an attempt to overthrow a government.
The dem-communists succeeded in their coup, and they're now in the driver's seat.

It's going to take more than a mere putsch in the opposite direction to... "unseat" them.

I would welcome and support such an effort, but I don't believe our side has the gumption or the horsepower to accomplish it.

Sled Dog:
The "putsch" was the false first impeachment of the sitting president preceded by a deep-state coup attempt.

The "coup" was the most massive vote fraud operation in history culminating in the usurpation of the Presidency by a senile puppet following directly unconstitutional violation of state election laws, including but no limited to millions of false ballots, ballot switching, ballot dumping, non-legislative alterations of state election laws to facilitate more fraudulent voting, and depriving the citizens their ability and right to observe the counting of ballots.

We are now in the position of the Weimar Republic as the National Democratic Socialists sing praises of their Horst Wessel (Drug Addict Floyd) and conspire to burn down the Reichstag (the Capitol Protest turned into a Citizen Slaughter by Aunty Fa agitprop agents).

My question is when are the patriotic truckers going to stop taking food into the Rodent enclaves?

In France, when the truckers are unhappy, they get together and drive at 5 mph, blocking all the lanes, or the farmers drive their tractors into the city and block the roads.   Where is the trucker's spine?  They whine a huge amount about the Rodents and the government, why haven't they exercised their obvious power to demonstrate their displeasure?


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