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100 Best Sitcoms of All Time (per Rolling Stone)

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Caveat: only 1 of these predates the TV era (The Jack Benny Program). There are some Canadian and British shows on this list, too, but as you can see by the top 10, most are American shows.

10. The Larry Sanders Show
9. Parks and Recreation
8. The Honeymooners
7. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
6. M*A*S*H
5. All in the Family
4. I Love Lucy
3. Seinfeld
2. Cheers
1. The Simpsons

If you go through the whole list, you'll find quite a few headscratchers and probably come up with quite a few glaring omissions. Submitted for your discussion.

I'll note that reading the description, they clearly did not want to rank I Love Lucy as high as they did (only commending the technical innovations and panning the comedy—also noted by the glaring omission of Ball's other sitcoms Here's Lucy and The Lucy Show).

Great post @jmyrlefuller

I loved Cheers.  No Taxi, seriously? I loved the show. What about Laugh In?

 Though it wasn't technically a sitcom Johnny Carson was pretty darn funny at times.

Those on the list I couldn't stand - I Love Lucy, Mash and The Simpsons.

Married with Children.

Ok.saw,Taxi on the list.

Night Court was good.  Another oe that I couldn't stand was Seinfeld.

Everybody Loves Raymond was great.

We need sitcoms back!  I'd watch TV again!


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