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Iran Guards Chief Threatens Israel Can Be Destroyed in a Single Operation


Iran Guards Chief Threatens Israel Can Be Destroyed in a Single Operation

Deborah Brand 6 May 2021

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commander Maj.-Gen. Hossein Salami warned Israel “could be destroyed” in a single operation, and the Jewish state’s security was crumbling from within.

“The Zionist system is breaking apart, faltering, and crumbling from within. Over the past year and a half, they tried to project a powerful image of themselves, namely inflate themselves like a balloon,” Salami told Iranian state TV on the eve of  Quds Day, Iran’s day of rage against Israel.

He appeared to claim responsibility for a series of attacks against Israel, most of which never happened or were part of controlled tests, including at a rocket factory and a at a Mossad outpost in Iraq.

“The Israelis have tried to show a figure of authority over the past year and a half and have tried to expand the scope of their evil, while they have [experienced] tremendous damage.”

He continued by saying the U.S. could not help Israel. The U.S.’ foreign policy is “inactive.”

“The balance of power is clearly changing in favor of Yemen, and the Saudis have been hit very hard. None of the Saudi air defense and missile systems, which are all American, are capable.”

Referencing a slew of attacks against Israeli-owned cargo ships, Salami said: “It is very easy for Israel’s maritime trade to be seriously disrupted.”

He warned Israel against the “power of Iranian drones.”

“The most important feature of our drones is their accuracy and range. The accuracy is so high that it will target very small points.”

Iran is all mouth and no substance.

If they think Israel will not use their nuclear arsenal, they best think again.  I can see a day in the future when there will be more Iranians in the USA than Iran.

PeteS in CA:
Israel's neighbors tried and were preempted in 1967. Israel's neighbors tried again in 1973, and failed. Iran doesn't share a border with Israel and seems to be riddled with Mossad operatives.

The only big story here is Iran's malice and LIEden's willingness to negotiate with Iran.


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