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Thank You, Rich White Liberal Guilt


As a white man of privilege (redundant) working for a woke academic institution, I'd like to thank rich white liberal guilt for giving me a new paid holiday - Juneteenth.

As a Yankee deplorable, I had no knowledge of Juneteenth until recently. It was the question to an answer on a recent repisode of the TV show, "Jeopardy!".  Thanks to the late Alex Trebek, a mighty find Canadian like Ted Cruz, I am now woke to Juneteenth.

As I excercise my white privilige enjoying a paid day off to give rich white liberal lip service to the plight of African-Americans, I will be sure to give thanks to my woke, guilty, rich, white, liberal, Uncle Tom overlords.

Another paid day off from work for privileged white folk surely is reparation for 400 years of injustice endured by African Americans at the hands of the same woke, rich, guilty, white people of privilege who continue to prepetuate those injustices and inequities.

As someone of Irish descent, I feel that the Queen of England drinking a Guinness would be sufficient reparation for the 800 years of oppressive, genocidal, religiously persecutorial English occupation, and that whole Potato Famine misunderstanding.

WOKE WARNING for Millenial Social Justice Warriors:
You may need to take a chill pill because the meme below, featuring another cousin from Boston, may offend your rich white privileged educated liberal sensibilities.


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