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VIDEO: Remember When Trump's Tax Returns Were Going to Slam Dunk Sink Him?



--- Quote ---There was great jubilation among the media and the Democrats back in February when President Donald Trump was ordered to turn over his tax returns to Manhattan District  Attorney Cyrus Vance. Finally, FINALLY they had the evidence that without doubt would absolutely sink him. So what happened? In a word, "nothing."

That is why the entire case against Trump now hinges on "boxes and boxes of files" that belong to the former daughter-in-law of the Trump Organization CFO. Yup! It all depends on those "boxes and boxes of files" that might now be stored somewhere near the Lost Ark in the big warehouse of Fantasy Land.

Strange that we have not heard much about those "boxes and boxes of files" since about the middle of April. Perhaps that explains why a very desperate FBI recently raided Rudy Giuliani's home.
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