Author Topic: A Navy Destroyer Teamed Up With Drones to Hit a Ship 250 Miles Away  (Read 89 times)

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A Navy Destroyer Teamed Up With Drones to Hit a Ship 250 Miles Away

Welcome to the future of naval warfare.
By Kyle Mizokami   
Apr 28, 2021
210425 n no842 2001 pacific ocean april 25, 2021 guided missile destroyer uss john finn ddg 113 launches a missile during us pacific fleet’s unmanned systems integrated battle problem uxs ibp 21, april 25 uxs ibp 21 integrates manned and unmanned capabilities into challenging operational scenarios to generate warfighting advantages us navy photo by boatswain’s mate seaman clark lappert
U.S. Navy photo by Boatswain’s Mate Seaman Clark Lappert

    A U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer targeted a simulated enemy ship at a range of more than 250 miles.

    The destroyer relied on targeting data supplied by uncrewed ships and aircraft.

    Using drones to act as scouts for the crewed ship allows the warships to remain hidden, protecting them from enemy attack.
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