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Cuomo The Groper Has Been Caught Snapping At Reporters!


Cuomo The Groper Has Been Caught Snapping At Reporters!
April 28, 2021

Andrew Cuomo snarled at reporters who complained about his avalanche of sexual assault charges during his first press conference in months.

The aim of the press conference was to get New Yorkers excited about the annual New York State Fair.

Governor Cuomo was asked about the New York Times article from a few weeks ago, in which 80 people who worked or worked closely with Cuomo said that he used “anti-trans slurs” and said that “Jews lived in effing treehouses.”

“Andrew Cuomo’s White-Knuckle Ride,” according to the New York Times. In the midst of controversies, accusations, and demands for his resignation, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo seems eager to show that the impulses that got him into trouble can also get him out.”

The governor of New York dismissed the charges, telling the New York Times that he would never say such a thing.

Cuomo stated, “They printed slurs and slander and you’d have to ask them why they did that.”

Cuomo was then asked why people would think he said such things by the reporter.

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