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Trump: Results of Election Audit “Will be Very Interesting”

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Cyber Liberty:

--- Quote from: HikerGuy83 on May 09, 2021, 03:14:50 PM ---I am not going to keep trying to make the nuanced point that Trump KNEW the press would be against him. 

All the more reason for him to adjust.

He lost his primary plank with the pandemic.  You have to adjust.

He didn't.

--- End quote ---

Since I don't want the gummint to kiss every owie I get, I was not personally "let down" by Trump's response to the plague.  I leave that to the handwringers looking for something, anything to "blame" for November.  I prefer fact-based criticism, not "what could have been."  It's not knowable how many, if any votes were lost because of Trump's response to COVID or to Only Black Lives Matter riots.

At the moment, I am concerned about the election fraud, and that's not because I want the election reversed but rather because I'm pissed my own vote was diluted by Rats and RINOs.


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